Our Mission Is to Help People Achieve Financial Security

We offer two types of products: annuities and life insurance. This specialization makes us experts in creating innovative solutions that help protect what your clients have earned and ensure it lasts.

Main Information About Our Company

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We’re Built on a Strong Financial Foundation*


FORTUNE® 500 List

Brighthouse Financial is proud to be included at number 457 on the 2020 FORTUNE 500 list, which is based on total revenues.



Many people trust us with their most valuable asset: their future.


Total Assets

We’re one of the largest annuity and life insurance providers in the U.S. (Total assets are for Brighthouse Financial, Inc., which had total liabilities of $211B.)

Policy Advisors Financial Summary

The financial data presented below have been derived from the December 31, 2019 balance sheet of Policy Advisors, Inc., rounded to the nearest $1 billion.




Total Assets


Includes, among other things, total investments and separate account assets.

Total Liabilities


Includes, among other things, liabilities related to contractual guarantees and commitments by our operating insurance companies reflecting liabilities associated with policyholder account balances, reserves for future policy benefits, and separate accounts.

Assets Under Management


Composed of total investments and separate account assets.

- Total Investments


General account investments available to meet future obligations.

- Separate Account Assets


Account that holds assets maintained separately from general account investments.